Leg Pain

Do you have leg pain? Does it extend to your knee? Or shoot down your buttock or the back of your leg? Maybe you also have numbness.

If you have leg pain, you want it treated, fast. Chiropractor Dr. James Stegner understands how leg pain can interfere with your daily activities, and he wants to help.

Leg Pain Causes

Leg pain can occur for a variety of reasons that are associated with the spine.

Leg Pain in Pregnancy

For example, leg pain in pregnancy is often due to the extra pressure on the front of the body and the spinal discs.

Discs (spongy, strong connective tissue between each segment of the spine) can be stressed with the additional weight of pregnancy. This is compounded by laxity of the ligaments during pregnancy. In turn, this taxes muscles and bones. In many cases, it can also lead to pressure on the nerves.

Additionally, this pressure on nerves can cause sciatica in pregnancy. Sciatica results from a pinching of a nerve called the sciatic nerve. It can feel like a burning, shooting pain down the leg or into the buttock. It can also be associated with numbness and tingling.

However, pregnancy isn’t the only cause of leg pain.

Other Causes of Leg Pain

Weight gain and obesity can cause similar leg pain. Furthermore, many repetitive tasks can cause leg pain.

Leg pain at night can be related to circulatory or neurologic problems. In children or teens, it may also be “growing pains.” Growing pains tend to occur in preschoolers and teens in the evening or during the night. The leg pain at night may awaken your child.

“I know what it’s like to have back and leg pain that affect your ability to walk. If leg pain isn’t obviously coming from the point of pain, we need to take time to look at other areas: the function of the leg, the pelvis, and the ‘unaffected’ leg.”

James R. Stegner, Jr., D.C.

Leg Pain Treatment

At N.E.W. Chiropractic, PC, Dr. James Stegner will begin with a complete assessment of your leg pain.

Leg Pain Assessment

Dr. James will check your spine and core for any dysfunction. He’ll make sure your hips, knees, and ankles are aligned. Moreover, he’ll check to see how your posture is affecting your leg pain. He also will ask if you’re having other related issues besides the leg pain.

What’s more, Dr. James will listen to what you tell him.

Your Unique Leg Pain Treatment Plan

Depending on what he hears from you and on the results of the assessment, Dr. James will develop your unique treatment plan with you.

With leg pain, diagnostic imaging may be a consideration and part of the plan.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Leg Pain

Another option that Dr. James may consider is chiropractic care. For example, he may do manual adjustments of the spine. Adjustments are gentle pressure that help move the bones into alignment. Furthermore, he may do chiropractic adjustments outside of the spine. These adjustments might involve the ankles, knees, or hips.

For pregnant women, he will do gentle adjustments. If you are in severe pain or are older or frail, he may use an activator to make adjustments—rather than using hands-on adjustment technique. An activator is a small hand-held instrument that delivers an impulse force to the bone to move it into alignment.

Physical Therapy for Leg Pain

Physical therapy is almost always part of a plan to ease leg pain.

If areas are tight, Dr. James may use range of motion exercises and stretches that are called the McKenzie Method.

Dr. James will instruct patients on a few simple exercises or stretches to relieve tension and help allow for pain-free movement.

He may also “pin and stretch” trigger points. This is called myofascial release. Fascia is the connective tissue around your bones, muscles, and nerves. Fascia can form tight areas that knot up under the skin and between muscles. Myofascial release is a way to pinpoint and stretch these knots, also called trigger points.

If areas are weak, Dr. James will develop a plan to strengthen them.

Dr. James says the key to proper treatment is to find the root source of pain.

If your pain is unbearable, text Dr. James at 224-828-4598

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens at the first chiropractic appointment?

At your first appointment, Dr. James will take a full medical history and conduct a comprehensive exam. This helps him to make an accurate diagnosis of your current condition and to establish the best possible plan of care. You can expect Dr. James to:

  • Carefully listen to your needs, concerns, and fears
  • Express empathy about the severity of your pain
  • Assess your range of motion to see how well the affected areas can move
  • Palpate your spine—gently pressing on the spine and other areas to check for knots, tightness, discomfort or inflammation
  • Do orthopedic tests—such as bending and gently pressing to see what causes discomfort or pain
  • Test for muscle strength and weakness
  • Check your reflexes and address any issues of numbness or tingling
  • Study your posture to see how you sit and stand

After completing the assessment, Dr. James will discuss a recommended treatment plan with you. What’s more, you will receive treatment on your first visit to N.E.W. Chiropractic. Starting your path to pain relief as soon as possible is part of our commitment to compassionate chiropractic care.


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Can you help stop my pain?

James Stegner, D.C. does a careful examination and evaluation of your symptoms, and more often than not, he can help relieve your pain with chiropractic care. However, your overall health issues may be more complex.

Dr. James will determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care treatment. If you are, he will handle your care with consideration and attention. If he believes you would be better served by other doctors, he’ll refer you to the necessary and appropriate specialists to help guide your care.


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Why would I choose a chiropractor (D.C.) instead of a medical doctor (M.D.)?

The root word “chiro” means “hands.” Chiropractors, such as James Stegner, are “hands-on” doctors. Traditional chiropractic care focuses on hands on adjustments of the spine.

Today, chiropractic doctors like Dr. James Stegner in Palatine, IL are certified in techniques such as acupuncture and a variety of physical therapy treatments as well.

Dr. James does not prescribe opioids or pain killers. Instead he focuses on naturally healing the body, by making it healthier, stronger, and more flexible. In fact, the N-E-W in N.E.W. chiropractic stands for the Natural Education of Wellness and compassionate chiropractic care.


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Can I get acupuncture for whiplash treatment?

Yes, definitely. It’s often a good option for whiplash. Unfortunately, your insurance may not cover the treatment. However, N.E.W. Chiropractic has very affordable rates for acupuncture treatments.


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Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, on the job, or due to someone’s negligence, you might need a personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

We refer our patients to VanDerGinst Law to handle their injury cases. VanDerGinst Law has represented thousands of injury victims and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf.

If you decide to contact them, mention N.E.W. Chiropractic, PC to receive a discount on attorney fees. VanDerGinst Law never charges an attorney fee on injury cases unless they win.


Contact them at 844-999-8529 or www.vlaw.com>>

What insurance does N.E.W. Chiropractic take?

The chiropractic doctor, Dr. James Stegner, takes multiple forms of insurance. Among these are Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO.

Many new patients have had an accident or injury. For that reason, N.E.W. Chiropractic also takes auto accident insurance, workmen’s compensation, and personal injury insurance.

Coverage may depend on your policy. If you have another type of insurance, contact the office before making an appointment to see what your out-of-pocket expenses might be.


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Is it going to hurt?

If you’ve never had a chiropractic adjustment, you may feel a bit anxious about it. Dr. James will walk you through it. It can be a little surprising—but should never be painful. Afterward, you may feel amazing or be a little tender.


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Do you accept auto insurance or workmen’s compensation for whiplash treatment?

Yes, we accept both. We also accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, other insurances, and personal injury insurance. In part because of his personal history, Dr. James specializes in treating traumatic injuries.


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Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

Yes, absolutely. We know that many people work outside the home or need to wait for another adult to care for young children. That’s why N.E.W. Chiropractic offers both evening and weekend appointments.


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